About us


teepee making since '89


Welcome to Woodland Wovens! My name is Meghan and Im so thrilled you decided to check us out! This all started in early 2015 when i was pregnant with my second. My daughter was only 19 months old at the time and I wanted her to have a really special place to play and dream in. I wanted something specific; a teepee that would compliment our living space and not look overly "kiddy", materials that were environmentally friendly, and it had to be large enough for all of us to cuddle in. I found lots of cute little teepees, but nothing that met my criteria, so I made it myself and VOILA! Woodland Wovens Teepees was born.

Once the dust started to settle from having "two under 2", I began to seriously look at making the teepees a business. I have a background in interior design, sewing and textiles which all play a part in being able to create something beautiful for your home. We welcome all your ideas and thoughts for custom orders. Lots of special care and love goes into each and every product and I hope that you feel that love as well! 

Thank you so much for your support!



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